Arranger. A role-puzzling adventure


Jemma's Journey

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure follows the story of Jemma, a small-town misfit on a journey of self-discovery. Venturing out beyond her stiflingly cozy confines, she finds an inspiring world - but also one ruled by fear, and a strange, immovable ‘static’ force. Can she disrupt a culture of stagnation, and find a place to fit in?


A new kind of puzzle game

Gameplay takes place on a unique, interconnected ‘grid’ that spans the entire world, snappily uniting movement, exploration, and combat. When Jemma moves, the world moves with her - creating both a playful sense of chaos, and a regular stream of small, thoughtful puzzles that twist and play with the central mechanic.


A streamlined "RPG"

An 8-10 hour single-player campaign, with various assist options so that you’re only as challenged as you want to be. No XP or inventory to manage, as everything is handled in-world. And a host of quirky characters to chat up as you get swept up in the adventure.


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